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Art to lift your Heart 

Fine Art Giclee Prints of original Art on 300gsm silk finish paper with high quality inks. Each print signed on reverse.  A3+ (13"x19"/32.9cm x 48,3cm inc white border)  Limited edition of 50 @ £50

I call my Imaginative work "Visual Prayers" It is bright work created in a quiet prayerful space and filled with hope and life.  Art to lift your heart and home.

Imaginative Originals currently available 

What my customers say!

Josie and Lights - Beverely Healy Art

"I liked this picture [print] "Lights" so much.... it brings a real sense of life, breath.  Beverley's painting always has that personal touch that speaks to you beyond what just the eye sees .. unique."

Hilary and Ocean - Beverley Healy Art

"I chose this beautiful [original] painting called OCEAN.  Looking at it I see turmoil yet calmness. As the little boat is drifting along with no one holding the oars, it’s saying to me, Let me steer you through any trouble and bring you peace." 

My journey into Imaginative Art 

I was naturally able to draw or embellish from observation but put me in front of a blank page and I didn't know what to do ..... until my Imaginative Art journey began. It is work I often refer to as my "visual prayers".   Play this video to learn more!