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Award-winning Art for your own home!

The most beautiful art is art that you can just look at over and over again - that sings a song to you! I aim to make portraits that sing you a song. 

Purchase a ready painted portrait, or commission your own!  I only commit to a few egg tempera portrait commissions a year, so if you would love to celebrate your loved ones in this way, please get in touch.  Scroll down to view the journey of a commission & price list. 

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Portrait of Sumai - Beverley Healy

I strive for excellence and am thankful that my portraiture has won several Arts Awards, is regularly selected for wonderful shows such as: the Royal Ulster Academy; Royal Hibernian Academy; Royal Birmingham Society of Artists; ING Discerning Eye; Ulster Society of Women Artists and sits in private and public collections including ACNI, Lisburn City Council and NI Civil Service

Portrait Art currently available for purchase 

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What my customers say!

Portrait of Joanne by Beverley Healy

"The portrait of my daughter just caught her perfectly.  It is so beautiful. This was my second commission and I am looking to purchase another very soon!"

 Portrait of Rutendo - Beverley Healy

"Beverley asked to paint my daughter. It was amazing!  When the painting sold, I commissioned another one for us to keep [see top of page] - and then one of my youngest daughter also. 


We love them and they are a real feature in our home "

Commissioning a portrait for your family

Conversation - Initial chat on phone or in person about your ideal portrait! 

Booking and Meeting - Time to meet the sitter. We will get to know each other and I will take a series of reference photos.  Deposit paid. From now, allow 6-8 weeks before completion of an egg tempera portrait ( 1-2 wks for other media) 

Choices -  We will discuss image and composition selection (occasionally there may be a second shoot).  Once a choice is made I make initial drawings to familiarise myself with the sitter and select the composition. 

Painting - I will create the portrait!  Egg tempera is built up in layers and small strokes, allowing for great luminosity of colour and detail.  For other media there is a looser quality but still great care is taken to provide you with a beautiful portrait!

Completion -  I will contact you for a viewing. (option for a few final tweaks , though not yet used!)  You pay the balance and go home with your unique original portrait!  I can also take it to be framed at your request.


Can I Commission you?

Single Egg Tempera Portrait £1500 - £3000  (from 20 x 15 cm+)


This will involve a short sitting - no charges for travel within NI or Warwickshire


You may prefer a drawn portrait. Portraits in pencil or charcoal are available from £250 - £500. Sometimes these can be arranged from your own quality photographs or video.  

Please contact me for a chat and I'll see what I can do for you.


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 Egg Tempera FAQs

What is Egg Tempera?  Egg tempera paint is created when raw pigment is mixed with egg yolk and distilled water. Like Oil paint, it does now come in tubes, with preservative added to maintain the egg.  


What is it like to paint with?  Egg tempera paint allows translucent layers, but also fresh overpainting, allowing some under-colours to show through. Most egg tempera painters work with small brushes building up layers in many tiny strokes, dots or hatching.  


Does it require varnish?  It dries quite quickly but only hardens after a number of months.  Egg tempera does not require varnish and the jury is out whether is should be framed with or without glass.

What type of surface do you paint on?  Egg tempera was traditionally painted on true gesso. This is nothing like the "gesso" that is sold in shops for acrylic or oil painting. Very briefly, true gesso is made by layering and sanding a mix of heated glue and lime whiting on a backing board to create a slightly absorbent smooth surface. 

Beverley Healy in Studio
Beverley Healy in Art Studio

"Painted portraits have a life of their own that comes from deep in the soul of the painter and where the machine can't go"   Vincent Van Gogh  


Message me

Thanks for submitting!

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